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DISKdata for Windows


Report Snapshot

The report page is the heart of DISKdata and where you can view the details about disks, folders and files. Click an item on the left to view a report on the right. Sort the report by clicking the report column headings. Click a column heading again to sort in ascending or descending order.



Bar Chart Snapshot

The bar chart is an alternative view of the report. Data as listed on the report is also reflected here, and is sorted as on the report.

Pie Chart Snapshot

The pie chart is an alternative view of the report. Only the first 10 items as listed on the report are also shown here.

Summary Snapshot

The summary page shows some basic information about the currently selected volume along with some useful system information.

Options Snapshot

The options page is where the many DISKdata options can be modified. Changing an option may require that the item be rescanned using the "Scan Selected Drive/Folder Now" button.

Register/About Snapshot

The register/about page is where you can register the program with a license key and obtain other information about DISKdata.

Help Snapshot

The help page includes help documentation about using DISKdata and it's features.

Excel Snapshot

DISKdata supports saving/exporting the report to a comma separated value file. This file can be opened with Microsoft Excel or other CSV compatible program.